#20 Brittney Carmichael: Elevated Conversation

Season #1

Season 1 Episode 20

On this episode I get to have a elevated conversation with my soul sister Brittney Carmichael as she shares about change, shifting and sharing her amazing sparkle magic!!

We discuss a wealth of spirit based topics from head to toe! Come take this dive with us into how we stay grounded and help others and how the basis is self care.

She supports women all over the world through her Luxury retreats, Shine School, goddess gatherings and even through her Elevated Life club where her and her amazing husband supports men, women and couples lead an elevated life.

ALSO Britt has the doors open for her SHIFT program which is transformational and highly regarded in helping shift into your next level up!! Here is the link to register and how you can connect with Brit.

IG @theeworldbybrit


Podcast: The Elevated Life

SHIFT: https://love.brittneycarmichael.com/shift-embrace-your-transformation-course


I also would love to invite all of you to my sacred empowerment event in Portland, Oregon on May 6! This is a two-part event sent around helping you maintain balance and protect your peace behind the chair, which will help you cultivate your dream career in life. Include my protect, clear Inspire workshop Lunch with everyone and then a Reiki and energetic Master class followed by a healing circle facilitated by me.


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