#17 Nina Kovner: The Importance of Brand Purpose

Season #1

Season 1 Episode 17

On this episode of The Grounded Stylist Podcast my special guest is Nina Kovner of Passion Squared. Nina has been a grounding force in the industry for many years and has a strong background with Paul Mitchell, and was one of my original mentors through their signature "A school" program in their company, "Passion Squared".

Nina has, and continues to help countless beauty professionals understand their brand and the business from their unique and experienced perspective. We talk about the importance of retail, the notion of slow time in the salon and the importance of brand purpose and authenticity.

You can connect with Nina and their amazing work through passion squared through their IGs @ninakovner @passionsquared as well as on their website https://passionsquared.mykajabi.com/store


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