#16 Mindfulness Monday: Just beyond the shadows is the light

Season #1

Season 1 Episode 16

Welcome to mindfulness Monday today I am going to talk about how to find the space to reset when life is happening all around you.

Let’s face it sometimes life happens at such a pace that we just wish it would slow the fuck down. In those moments, it’s so hard to see that often when you are thrown the most challenges, it is because you’re getting ready to level up in beautiful ways and it is hard to wrap your head around beauty being forged in the middle of life’s craziest and even painful moments.

Right now I’m going through some really crazy things in my personal life and I even struggled with what to talk about on the podcast today and My Husband reminded me that I should talk about where I’m at. In reality me making the space to do this is cathartic, and brings me back into balance with myself so that I can once again stand outside of the storm instead of feeling like it’s consuming me.

**Today’s affirmation is: I am grateful for all of Life’s blessings. As I moved through the shadows, I trust in the universe that the light will always return.

**Always remember that manifestation knows no positive or negative, so we must continue to try to bring ourselves out of the shadows and into the light and remember that we are always divinely protected and energy flows where energy goes.

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Love and Light,

Brooke Kenyon

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