I aim to help you find a deeper sense of who you are, what drives you and what gives you balance so that you can excel in your career and your life.

All while protecting your peace by learning grounding techniques, mindfulness and healthy self care boundaries that correlate with living in love and positive flow.

I spent most of my younger years challenging the norms put on me by my family and society at large.

I always knew there was something more authentic that resonated with my soul, then how I was raised.  I started hair school when I was 19 and knew that connecting with people on a deeper level and being of service to them was, and still is, truly fullfiling to me. 

As I continued to forge my healing journey through my 20s and 30s my spiritual path came full circle as I learned to embrace that I am a lightworker and a healer, here to help others on their journey.

From Stylist, to salon owner, sales rep and educator...I am truly home as I embrace my calling to continue to be of service to others through Energy and Mindset Coaching as well as a healer...that is where my light shines it's brightest.

Love and Light,

Brooke Brizendine